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CALL: (908) 486-1111 or
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Partial Knee Replacement

The joints of the knee are divided into three parts: Medial, Lateral, & Patellofemoral.

A partial knee replacement is a surgical procedure that addresses the advanced arthritis within one of these compartments of the knee joint.

Although a total knee replacement incorporates the entire joint, the partial knee replacement targets only the damaged area of the knee. By replacing the portion of the knee that has become damaged with a prosthetic implant, the procedure can provide better joint functionality and enhance mobility while also reducing the symptoms of arthritis in the affected portion of the knee.

The treatment process for a partial knee replacement differs per patient but typically involves several steps such as:

  • Incision: A small incision is made over the damaged compartment of joint within the knee.
  • Resection: The damaged cartilage and bone are removed.
  • Implant Placement: An artificial implant is inserted to replace the removed cartilage.
  • Recovery: A structured rehabilitation program to regain knee strength, range of motion, and function are crucial to regaining strength.
  • Return to Activities: As strength increases, a gradual increase to normal activities can begin.

Partial knee replacements offer numerous benefits such as: a quicker recovery time, and a preservation of healthy tissues compared to total knee replacement.

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