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Tennis Elbow

Tennis Elbow is a term commonly used to describe a pain in the elbow brought on by repetitive strain of the tendons of the elbow.  This condition is brought on by repeated contraction of the muscles in the forearm that are used to raise and extend the arm. These motions can stress the tissue of the arms causing micro tears in the tendons attached to muscles of the and outside of the elbow.

Although the term would imply that this is a condition specific to tennis players, it is more common in those whose jobs require repetitive motions or activity.  This condition is especially prominent in painters, construction workers and chefs as their daily routine requires long hours of repetitive motion.  For tennis players, this condition is usually the result of poor technique, especially the backhand. Generally, the pain will begin at the point of the elbow but may extend down the tendon into the forearm and wrist.

Signs and symptoms of Tennis Elbow may include:

  • Pain in the elbow
  • Pain that radiates into the forearms and wrist
  • Weakness of the hands
  • Difficulty to turn objects such as doorknobs
  • Shaking hands