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Turf Toe

Turf toe is a common term used to describe sprains of the metatarsophalangeal joint of the big toe. This injury occurs when the ligaments surrounding the joint are stretched or torn due to forceful hyperextension of the big toe.

Turf toe is often caused by sudden or forceful bending of the big toe beyond its normal range of motion.

This can happen in various scenarios, including:

  • Sports Activities: Turf toe is common among athletes who regularly participate in activities that involve pushing off or stopping suddenly.
  • Inadequate Footwear: Wearing footwear with insufficient support, flexibility, or protection for the toes can contribute to the overall development of turf toe.
  • Playing Surfaces: Artificial turf surfaces are more rigid than natural grass, increasing the risk of abrupt toe hyperextension.
  • Overuse: Repeated stress and strain on the joint, during high-impact activities, can lead to the development of turf toe over time.

The symptoms of turf toe can vary in severity and may include:

  • Pain & tenderness at the base of the big toe.
  • Swelling and bruising around the joint.
  • Limited range of motion in the big toe, particularly during extension.
  • Pain that increases with movement & when weight is placed on the foot.
  • Discomfort while walking, running, or pushing off the toes.

Turf toe is usually treated with the following options:

  • Rest: Avoiding activities that worsen the pain.
  • Ice: Applying ice to the affected area helps reduce inflammation & provide pain relief.
  • Immobilization: Using splints, tape, or stiff-soled shoes to limit the movement of the big toe and can allow healing.
  • Elevation: Keeping the foot elevated when resting can help reduce the overall swelling.
  • Pain Management: Over-the-counter pain relievers or anti-inflammatory medications may be recommended to manage pain as well as inflammation.
  • Physical Therapy: Engaging in certain gentle exercises, techniques, and stretches can help improve flexibility and strengthen the muscles as the toe heals.

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