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Sports Medicine

Every athlete, from pros to weekend warriors, need a trusted and experienced expert when it comes to caring for sports-related injuries, aches, and pains.

Union County Orthopedic Group has set the standard in orthopedic and sports medicine excellence in New Jersey, the tristate area, and beyond. Our renowned and respected sports medicine specialists treat professional, collegiate, and everyday athletes for any orthopedic issues that may impede their performance. While our providers are top rated experts in treatment of different areas of the body, they are all united by a commitment to provide the highest quality sports medicine program for each individual athlete.

Union County Orthopedic Group provides the right treatment option for every injury and athlete. From conservative methods like physical therapy, to the most sophisticated surgical techniques, our sports medicine doctors know exactly how to help you overcome your injury. Patients depend on Union County Orthopedic Group after experiencing minor conditions such as muscle strains or tendonitis, as well as complex and severe sports injuries like ACL tears or shoulder dislocations.

If you have sustained an injury while playing sports or are experiencing painful symptoms after your workouts, you’ll want to see one of our top sports medicine specialists. At Union County Orthopedic Group, you’ll receive the best quality care from knowledgeable and caring professionals in an upbeat and encouraging environment.

What Is Sports Medicine?

Sports medicine is a medical specialty that focuses on correcting a sports injury, preventing the injury from reoccurring, and optimizing an athlete’s performance after returning to athletics. A sports medicine specialist is usually an orthopedic doctor that is specially trained in surgical and/or non-surgical treatment of acute pain, chronic conditions, and trauma induced sports-related injuries. Sports injuries can impact professional and school-age athletes as well as the average gym-goer. Sports injuries can happen suddenly after an accident on the field or occur gradually as you exercise continuously.

Athletes seek the top rated sports medicine experts at Union County Orthopedic Group to treat and prevent common sports injuries such as:

  • Tennis Elbow
  • Golfer’s Elbow
  • Jumper’s Knee
  • Swimmer’s Shoulder
  • Weightlifter’s Shoulder

Other injuries and conditions that the sports medicine doctors at Union County Orthopedic Group frequently treat include:

The sports medicine doctors at Union County Orthopedic Group are orthopedic surgeons that have become respected authorities in their fields of interest. Each of our experienced experts have published research, become members of renowned medical organizations, or have been rated best doctor in the New Jersey area. You can be sure you are receiving the most advanced sports medicine treatment from top doctors. Patients feel at ease when our providers guide them through treatment plans, ranging from conservative methods to minimally invasive procedures to surgery. Just a few treatments offered are:

  • Arthroscopic Surgery
  • Injection Therapy – Corticosteroid injections, Hyaluronic Acid Injections, Epidural Injections
  • Joint Replacement
  • Sports Rehabilitation

Visit Union County Orthopedic Group in our Linden, NJ or Clark, NJ offices for an expert sports medicine consultation. Receiving a proper diagnosis from a sports medicine specialist is the first step towards overcoming your painful injury and returning to your optimal performance in the field, court, gym, or backyard!