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A bunion is a large and bony protrusion that forms at the base of the joint in the big toe. Bunions are most often a result of toes rubbing against the big toe, forcing it away from its normal position to the outside of the foot. This abnormal position may alter the gait or stride causing undue pressure on the joint of the big toe. Over time, this causes the joint of the big toe to increase in size and further crowd the other toes, causing pain.

Although the cause of bunions can vary, one of the most common causes is wearing shoes that do not provide adequate room for the toes to lie flat, such as high heels. Bunions may also be a result of arthritic conditions as well.

Signs and symptoms of Bunions may include:

  • A protrusion on the outside of the big toe
  • Swelling or soreness of this protrusion
  • Skin becoming thicker at the base of the big toe
  • Persistent or intermittent pain
  • Limited range of motion in the big toe